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Based on their technical capabilities, the Automation Technology Team develops, manufactures, installs, and even services testing devices used in automobile assembly plants to test liquid injectors for mass production lines, including various liquid reservoirs and state-of-the-art driving support technology devices for finished automobiles

BSD Test Equipment

Product Name

Blind Spot Detection Test Equipment

Product Overview

The Blind Spot Detection System (BSD) provides information on an approaching car and a car located in the blind spot of a driver. This system is designed to prevent accidents from happening when a driver changes a lane without recognizing a car in the blind spot or the danger of a possible accident is detected because of an approaching car. The Blind Spot Detection Test Equipment performs an operational test and calibrate system.

Product Configuration

Test Process Wheel Alignment Process Test Precondition: Vehicle Needs to be Aligned in the Center
Test Condition: At 1.6 m in the rear of a vehicle
Supplier Mando / Mobis

BSD Test Method

  • Align a test car.
  • Place Doppler simulator on home position in the rear of a vehicle
  • Operate the BSD module of the vehicle.
  • The radio waves from the BSD radar hit the target and reflect, and the test system catches reflected waves.

Principle of Doppler Simulator

  • It consists of a device that rotates a reflector at a constant speed using a motor.
  • It realizes the principle that radar waves are reflected by a moving object using a revolving reflector.
  • It measures vehicle speed the same way as a radar sensor.
  • It returns frequencies in proportion to rotational speed using a revolving reflector (use Doppler simulator).


Test System Operation Video