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Automobile Production Line Automation Equipment Manufacturer

Based on their technical capabilities, the Automation Technology Team develops, manufactures, installs, and even services testing devices used in automobile assembly plants to test liquid injectors for mass production lines, including various liquid reservoirs and state-of-the-art driving support technology devices for finished automobiles

LKAS Test Equipment

Product Name

Lane Keeping Assist System Test Equipment

Product Overview

The Lane Keeping Assist System Test Equipment is a safety system developed to prevent accidents as a result of negligence and drowsiness of a driver. It checks lanes using a camera or a sensor such as short distance radar. The Lane Keeping Assist System Test Equipment performs an operational test and calibrates a Lane Keeping Assist System that determines the direction and the location of a car.

Product Configuration

Test Process Wheel Alignment Process Test Precondition: Vehicle Centering Device Is Required
Configuration Zero Calibration Test Target
Installation Structure
Gantry Post Attached

Projected Gantry Attached

External Post
Supplier Mando / Mobis / DENSO Global / TRW

LKSS Test Method

  • Align a test car.
  • Proceed camera calibration detecting a crossing of the target.