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ICT Convergence Business

Integrated Energy Management Platform

From IoT device development to integrated energy management platforms, various products that combine successful R&D achievements and ICT technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are exploited and developed in the ICT convergence technology development sector. Moreover, in the areas of energy facility monitoring and optimization, research and commercialization projects are in progress based on the knowledge and capabilities accumulated through continuous national R&D projects to study and commercialize integrated energy platforms that incorporate various necessary technologies such as energy monitoring, fault diagnosis technology and optimal control.

ICT Convergence Business

ICT Convergence Units

IoT Team

Development of various communication modules and IoT equipment that recognize measurement values of various facilities based on camera image recognition technology

IT Team

Development of integrated platforms for energy facilities and R&D of various S/W based on the proprietary statistical analysis systems

EIS Team

Vehicle component test system


ICT Convergence BU and Products

Integrated Energy Platform

  • Energy production facility management
  • Smart home energy management
  • Optimized control / Fault diagnosis

IoT Product Development

  • OPTICUBE (Image recognition measurement device)
  • Various communication modules


  • National R&D projects

Statistical Analysis Solution



  • Development of smart health-care IoT devices and platforms

Integrated Smart Energy Platform

01Smart Sensor / Device

Sensors and devices capable of measuring the state of an energy-reduction target and controlling the facility, with the built-in communication function

02Smart Box

A device that manages various measuring sensors and control facilities by interconnecting and relaying between internal management systems and external communication services

03Geothermal Heat Pump System

A heat exchange system that utilizes geothermal heat to produce the energy needed for heating and cooling

04Photovoltaic System

A system that uses solar cells to convert solar energy directly into electrical energy


An automation management system that monitors and controls various sensors and facilities to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and save maintenance costs

06Energy Storage System

Power demand control system that disperses maximum power and equalizes load through energy storage and emissions


Offices, data centers, hospitals, hotels


Automobile, shipbuilding, food, chemical, textile

Commercial Facilities

Movie theaters, department stores, shopping centers, sports centers


Airports, ports, railways, power plants, and others

IoT Image Recognition System to Digitize Analog Numbers

OPTICUBE is an intelligent analog remote-testing system with cloud-based image recognition technology, and it is an IoT image recognition system that can detect data quickly

Building a Telemetry System Using Existing Mechanical Meters

  • An alternative to the replacement of digital meters
  • Can secure price competitiveness and offer the telemetry function
  • Can utilize data from existing meters in case of error events through continuous maintenance of existing mechanical meters

Extension of the scope of applications to include the Smart Factory

  • Applicable to facilities that cannot be replaced with digital instruments from existing analog instruments or that are burdened with high replacement costs
  • When there is a need to stop all or some facilities of the factory because of the replacement of the analog instrument
  • In case the entire facility needs to be replaced to replace the analog instrument
  • In case of excessive time and cost because of safety inspection after replacing the instrument
  • In case the analog method of the facility is preferred for the safety of the instrument

Extension of the scope of applications to include data acquisition of analog measuring devices, digital, and transmission technology

  • A mechanical, physical quantity measuring device that applies the Company’s patent (10-2016-0153573)
  • Development of image recognition processing algorithms
  • Can expand the scope of applications by responding to various types of mechanical, physical quantity measuring devices
  • Provision of various statistics and analysis data based on the measured data

Horizontal deployment toward the energy integration measuring field

  • Integrated energy reading, such as local heating calorie, hot water volume, water supply, and electricity
  • Integrated inspection and energy management for apartments, studio apartments, and multiplex housing

Opticube Products

Management System

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