CAE Business

Professional Engineering Solution Services

VPK supplies diverse and accurate solutions for research and design in various fields, including automobile, machinery, metal, electricity, and electronics. Based on FEM (implicit and explicit finite element methods) and BEM (Boundary Element Method), the Company analyzes various structures, acoustics, and collisions to evaluate strength, life span, safety, and acoustic performance. Advanced design techniques such as sensitivity analysis and topology optimization are applied to optimization tasks.
The Team operates a testing facility that can experimentally verify various material properties, boundary conditions, and analytical models that are entered into CAE. Moreover, the Team uses these practical CAE analyses to predict performance, improving the efficiency of design processes and reducing design costs.

Main Engineering Services

Structural Analysis

  • Structural strength analysis
  • Nonlinear analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Fatigue / Heat / Fluid analyses
  • MEMS analysis

Crashworthiness Analysis

  • Forward and rear-end / side collision simulations
  • Passenger protection simulation with door-trim side collision
  • Seat collision simulation
  • Airbag inflation simulation
  • FMH collision analysis
  • Pedestrian safety simulation
  • Safety parts, helmets, and sports safety devices
  • Free-drop impact strength analysis

NVH Analysis (Noise, Vibration & Harshness)

  • Analysis and evaluation of interior or exterior vehicle acoustics
  • Analysis of transmission loss of noise absorption materials
  • Speaker excitation NVH analysis
  • Architectural acoustics analysis

Correlation Analysis

  • Test vs. Analysis Correlation & Model Validation
  • Full Vehicle BIW Correlation
  • Instrument panel, seat, door correlation

Optimization Analysis

  • Design of experiments, the Taguchi robust design
  • Sensitivity / Optimization analyses
  • Total Integration of Virtual Engineering Solutions
  • Design/ Process Advice & Optimization

FEA Software Expertise


Structural Analysis

  • Analysis of strength / deformation / stress of structures
  • Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian / material nonlinearity / creep analyses
  • Fatigue / thermal deformation/ flow analyses

Crashworthness Analysis

  • Vehicle collision safety evaluation under the laws on collision tests (North American motor vehicle safety standards, European laws and standards related to safety criteria)
  • Vehicle/train passengers and pedestrians safety evaluation

NVH Analysis (Noise, Vibration & Harshness)

  • Natural mode, transient response analysis, frequency response analysis
  • Analysis and evaluation of vehicle interior/exterior acoustic characteristics
  • Analysis of absorption materials’ transmission loss and BSR (Buzz, Squeak and Rattle)

Thermal/Fluid Analysis

  • Fluid sloshing analysis
  • Fluid and structural interaction co-simulation
  • fluid and solid heat transfer analysis
  • Indoor air-conditioning analysis and comfort assessment
  • Incompressible and compressible fluid analysis (single and multi-phase)

Integrated Robust Engineering

  • Multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO)
  • Analyses of design sensitivity, structural optimization, topology optimization
  • Weight reduction / performance improvement, robust design
  • DOE-/RSM-based optimization
  • DFSS improvement activities and minimization of performance variations

VPD (Virtual Product Development)

  • CAE Platform(SLM)
  • Automatic CAE/CAD
  • Pre/Post Processor
  • In-house program